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Our Story

With a decade of experience, we have been rocking the taste buds of our surrounding communities. Our signature sauce, popular dipping sauce, quality ingredients, and customer testimonials speak for itself. Order online, call, or stop by for a walk-in special, and enjoy our Rockin' pizza and chicken to see why we are a local Mississauga favourite.

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Combo Specials
Wings and Chicken
Sides and Salads
Drink and Ice Cream


Our Customer Says

Delicious chicken and fresh pizza. The prices are fair and the restaurant is in a convenient location. Friendly and welcoming staff. Easy 5/5.

Kazim Ahmed

Definitely one of the best pizza places in Mississauga. Super tasty, cordial service, timely delivery - overall 5/5.

Fuad Reza

Fantastic service. Friendly owners. Great pizza at a great price

Kislay Roy

Great Pizza! Delivery time was perfect, very generous on toppings and cooked to perfection with amazing sauce. Would definitely order again 5/5!

Ryan Zebrowski

Been ordering from this place for 2yrs now and never missed a beat. Great pizza, best garlic sauce and super fast delivery!

Lucas Haluszczynski

I have always liked this pizza place with a family-like atmosphere despite having no seating. This time the ice cream was not available but that is typical for them during winter conditions.

David Nuttall

Best pizza always. I know this place for past 8 years and their pizzas are the same with great taste.

East West Ganga

Awesome high quality toppings and tasty dough. Definitely a stepup from chain-brand pizzas. Good specials too.

Mike Smith

Very tasty pizza & wings. Delivery on time with hot food.

Farhana Afroze

I really like the taste of the cooked pizza dough compared to some larger chain restaurants. For a local spot in Mississauga this place is very good. I've only had their pizza, but I'll soon be trying their other menu options like their fried chicken. As for the pizza, the make it just how I like it.

Tariq Sultan

Best pizza I've had in a while!

Sahan Taraka

Pizza was good and the ice cream was also good. Yummy.

Timothy Chute

I ordered their pizza for the first time ever, but unfortunately i ordered it from skip the dishes and it took skip the dishes to deliver my food 2 hours! The pizza it self was made really really good, and the toppings were put on so nicely and neatly! But as I said, because skip the dishes delivered my food Soo late it was all cold. So I wish I just ordered straight from them so I could have had it nice and hot and on time, then I would probably gave this place a 5 start instead of 4!

Mujda Khwaja

pretty good pizza for a pretty good price

Japinder Narula

Amazing fresh pizza and tasty wings

Mariam Keryakous

The best pizza. Toppings are good quality and the crust is perfect. Not too thick, not too thin. We don't live in town but will often grab it to go when we're around or heading home from work. Wings are unbeatable and they have the sacred garlic dipping sauce! Please don't ever get rid of it! Wish there were more locations!!!

Kira W

This is a small pizza place for takeout orders. There is no seating available. Their pizza is delicious. We have tried many others and this is the only place that we keep going back for more.

Nghi Vuong

Good pizza, good prices

John Alexander

Amazing tasting pizza

Kirk Mendes

One of my go to places in the neighbourhood for take out. Really good pizza and Kawartha Dairy ice cream!

Darren Goosney

The best handmade pizza and breadsticks I have had in a long time. The owners are super friendly and willing to be courteous.

Satyam Matravadia

Last I ordered pizza was taste too much salty! I will give one more try, if the Pizza sauce is too much salty and taste salty, and then no more!

Antony Leyo

Great service and reasonably priced pizzas. The delivery was dot on time !!!!

Rajula M

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